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You have to see this film!  The health and environmental information within is so powerful that it was screened in Parliament in London, England in May 2011, as requested by Willie Bain, Shadow Minister of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to an audience of Members of Parliament, industry peers and NGOs with an interest in sustainable food policy.  A panel discussion followed with Head of One Planet Food Mark Driscoll, Tom MacMillan of The Food Ethics Council and Dr. Mark Sutton, lead author of the recent European Nitrogen Assessment. It concluded with plans to begin the effort behind asking government for a change in U.K. food policy.  I'm trying to spread Planeat's message around the world!

Planeat tells the story of a group of leading international scientists, doctors and professors, who have spent their lives trying to find out the best way for humans to eat.  They have come up with a solution that will change people's lives forever!

Applying these same principles can also dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and provide more food for the planet.  

Chefs from around the world share their delicious discoveries about producing and preparing the foods we should be eating more of, everyday.

Planeat's mission is to create awareness of the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet.

It encourages consumers to reduce their meat and dairy consumption and be inspired by plant-based cuisine.

To view the trailer, click Watch This Film Now, above, and chose Watch a Free Preview Now.  Be Patient.  The sound takes a few seconds to engage. 

The instant streaming rental fee is $5.99 USD and provides days of access!  No special hardware or software is required!  Enjoy! 

To arrange a screening of this independently produced, brilliant, and visually stunning documentary for a group, send me a message using the Contact Tab to the left or email me at

You will be educated, entertained and empowered!  

Please share this life changing information!

Thank you

Planeat Ambassador